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FIO has a new email.  Any general questions and/or requests other than additional pay can be sent to


Please continue to submit all of your additional pay requests to




Please review and visit the Fiscal Policies Updates page for all of the latest fiscal policy changes.  Listed below are the most recent additions and/or revisions:


  • Effective October 17, 2016, Fiscal Policy FI0530 - Procurement Cards was revised.  This policy includes the following changes:

    • Section 4 of the policy clarifies how to enroll in the University's Amazon business account.  Using the Amazon business account should help card holders comply with other policy requirements.
    • Section 16 no longer includes a requirement that deliveries to be made to a card holder's University address, which was impractical for card holders purchasing for several departments.  The System's Accounts Payable Office or your campus business office should be contacted with any questions.
  • Effective October 1, 2016, Fiscal Policy FI0705 - Travel was revised.  This policy includes the following changes:

    • When coach airfare isn't available, tickets should be purchased through World Travel, who will document the lowest available fare allowing employees to be reimbursed for economy plus or similar fare.  If such fares are purchased through World Travel, they do need to be treated as an exception.  First and Business class tickets are still prohibited. (Section 18)
    • Upgraded coach airfare, but not business or first class, is allowed for international travel for any flight leg of five hours or greater. (Section 67)
    • The requirement of getting reimbursed through the motor pool for gasoline purchased for UT vehicles has been removed.  When the credit card provided in UT vehicles can't be used, reimbursement of gasoline expenses should be requested through a travel expense report. (Section 27)
    • Travelers are encouraged to return rental cars with a full tank of gas, but they can be reimbursed for the REFUELING OPTION if the car is rented through the UT contract with National/Enterprise.  (Under our contract, they are charged the market rate plus .25 per gallon.)  Travelers are NOT permitted to purchase the PREPAID FUEL OPTION because we are charged for a full tank of gas regardless of the amount used.  Travelers are also NOT permitted to purchase fuel options from other rental car services. (Section 32)

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