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 FIO has a new email.  Any general questions and/or requests other than additional pay can be sent to


Please continue to submit all of your additional pay requests to

There's a new General Ledger Account (GL) to house activity for the university's annual report to the state on external publication costs.  The GL 443500 has limited use.  Since it is only to account for state-funded publications that are distributed outside the university, this GL can only be used with unrestricted educational and general (E&G) cost centers.  Below is a detailed definition of GL 433500.



Please review and visit the Fiscal Policies Updates page for all of the latest fiscal policy changes.  Listed below are the most recent additions and/or revisions:


  • Effective June 1, 2016, Fiscal Policy FI0450 - Moving Allowance was revised.  This policy includes the following changes:

    • Establishment of a deadline for moving allowance requests that are intended to be paid in December of each year.  The deadline will allow for the proper tax treatment of these payments.
    • Update to the process for requesting the allowances so that it reflects the current IRIS process.
  • Effective June 1, 2016, Fiscal Policy FI0930 - Payroll was revised.  This policy includes the following changes:
    • The recogination that individual campuses may have earlier deadlines for payroll processing.
    • Changes to make the requirement for printing and reconciling payroll distribution reports an optional task.
    • Updates to the list of payroll deductions that would reduce withholding to remove medical and dependent care reimbursements and add Health Savings Account Deductions.

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